Chewela is my first name. It was gifted to my mother to celebrate the birth of her only daughter. The name is in the Sebirwa language, spoken in Botswana. In its full sentiment my name is “Chewela sa Bashimane” meaning I fell amongst boys .

I was born in 1984, in Gaborone, Botswana and currently live in London, U.K.

Born to an inter-racial couple, I quickly realised my existence and role in society was already predetermined according to my race, gender and body type. From a young age I rejected the hetero-normative, gender specific role I was meant to play in society. I strongly believe in the freedom to determine ones own path and identity in society, and my sensitivity to social injustices has always informed my creativity.

Exhibitions/ projects:

2019: The blooming apples art exhibition, The barge house, London – Campaign raising awareness for victims of domestic violence and sexual assaults

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